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Tutorial Kit Microcontroller Technology using Bascom
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ISBN 3645650768

Bascom enjoys increasing popularity among newcomers and professional developers and has become something of a Basic-standard for AVRs. Many problems that previously could only be solved in a time-consuming manner using Assembler or C, can now be tackled in no time with only a few instructions using this modern compiler. This tutorial kit teaches both microcontroller basics with the corresponding ICA applications and the use of the FTDI FT232RL USB-to-UART bridge chip. This chip serves as an interface between the microcontroller and computer as well as for programming. The tutorial kit is designed for entry and advanced level Bascom users and serves as a reference guide. The first chapters offer a programming course using Bascom-AVR. In this tutorial, the instructions and the hardware are explained by way of short examples. The knowledge you have acquired can then be put into practice in instrumentation,control and automation (ICA) applications. The tutorial kit enables you to design your own programs using Bascom Basic, both for domestic home automation and professional purposes. The experiment board, equipped with an ATmega88 and an FTDI FT232RL, as well as various peripherals, can later be used in your own applications. All experiments run via a free USB interface of your computer and do not put you or your computer at risk. An external power supply is not necessary! Exact instructions, figures, data sheets and photos for setting up the experiments are provided. For each experiment, there is a source code on CD, which can be tested and simulated on the included hardware. The CD-ROM accompanying the manual also contains various software tools for program development. From the contents: - Principles of microcontroller technology - ATmega88: characteristics and application - Bascom Basic Compiler - Configuration and use of the FT232RL USB bridge chip - Bascom programming course - Power-up/down delay - Temperature switch - Capacitance meter - Min/max thermometer - School bell using RTC - Temperature logger using LM335 - 8-channel digital voltmeter - Diode tester - Morse code decoder - Restroom ventilation control - Data exchange via VB.NET and AVR - Frequency counter - Reading out GPS data - Sensor switch - State machine - Recording data using Stamp-Plot - Digital storage oscilloscope Advanced Information

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